Cumulative effects of forest disturbance, land use, and climate change on siwɬkʷ (water) quantity and quality in the sqʷʔa (Peachland Creek) watershed

Our research focuses on how current and future siwɬkʷ (water) quantity in the sqʷʔa (Peachland Creek) watershed are influenced by the combined forces of land use, forest management practices, and climate change. To accomplish this, we first quantify those impacts separately, and then we will construct a hydrological model using methods similar to those used to predict the outcomes of climate change.

We will also use isotopes and geochemistry to understand siwɬkʷ  flow paths, the time it takes water to move through various parts of the watershed, and how surface water and groundwater interact. We then test and calibrate the model using historical data.

Eventually, we will be able to use our model to predict what will happen to water quantity in the sqʷʔa watershed under a variety of different land use, forest management, and climate change scenarios. The model will support other research, and become a tool for informing policy.

  • Adam and Jinyu discussing threats to siwɬkʷ (water) quality and quantity.

  • siwɬkʷ (water) quality sampling in sqʷʔa (Peachland Creek), July 2022.

  • sqʷʔa (Peachland Creek) headwaters, July 2022.

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