Our extension program focuses on providing opportunities for two-way sharing of information and ideas between researchers and members of the community

It takes time and effort to develop the critical relationships necessary to enact community-engaged research, to deliver research findings to end-users, and to communicate valuable information to interested members of the public. The Watershed Ecosystems research cluster employs an extension coordinator and website author to facilitate these important goals.

“Collaboration is key. There are so many partners collaborating, it is really remarkable, but it’s collaborating at the proper scale. Ecosystems and watersheds don’t know political boundaries or organizational jurisdictions, and they don’t understand legislation… they don’t speak that language. It’s bringing it to a scale that matters at the ecosystem level… at the watershed scale. That’s one of the most complex and most challenging pieces.”

– Marni Turek, Watershed Research Extension Facilitator

Contact the extension team

Please contact Marni Turek for questions or related to extension: