Sheena Spencer

Dr. Sheena Spencer is a research hydrologist with the Ministry of Forests and an adjunct professor in the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Geographic Sciences.

Sheena conducts research on the hydrologic response to forest disturbance and regrowth as well as runoff generation in headwater catchments. Sheena is also project lead for the Upper Penticton Creek Watershed Study, a long-term research site addressing the effects of logging and subsequent regrowth on streamflow quantity and quality, snow accumulation and snowmelt, and subsurface flow. 



Dr. Sheena Spencer

Research Hydrologist, BC Ministry of Forests
Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences


Research Themes

  • Forest hydrology
  • Runoff generation
  • Ecohydrology



Understanding environmental drivers and impacts of cumulative effects and other stressors on kəkniʔ (kokanee) spawning timing and duration with Adam Wei and Emily Moore


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“We are looking at how cumulative effects of disturbances in the headwaters are affecting hydrology downstream… stream temperatures, water quality, and low flows are all really quite important for kokanee salmon.”

– Dr. Sheena Spencer, fish