Corrie Allen

Corrie Allen (M.Sc., R.P.Bio.) is a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies – Sustainability program at UBC Okanagan. 

For her doctoral research, Corrie will be exploring how we can better understand watersheds as integrated systems of people and ecosystems that interact in dynamic ways.  

Prior to starting her PhD, Corrie was a professional biologist for approximately six years, where she worked closely with Indigenous communities, government, and industry to evaluate cumulative effects and guide regional land use planning throughout British Columbia. She has been actively involved in species at risk conservation, stewardship, and advocacy projects, and has experience dabbling in fish, aquatic, and wildlife biology. Corrie grew up in Kelowna and maintains a close connection to, and passion for, the Okanagan. Outside of work and school, she divides her time between cross country skiing in the winter and cycling in the summer. 


Corrie Allen
PhD Student, Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies – Sustainability


Integrated Modeling
Creation of a tool to explore watershed outcomes in the context of different management trade-offs and climate change with Lael Parrott 

“With the integrated model, we’re trying to look at all of these diverse perspectives. We’re layering the ecological components with these human values that we care about to try and understand that system from a holistic perspective.”

– Corrie Allen, integrated modeling